Exercise helped my Anxiety

Are you aware that exercise helped my anxiety? You wouldn’t need to be a neuroscientist to feel the effects of anxiety if you suffered from anxiety. Fearful feelings affect us deeply and dramatically and make us feel scared and anxious about life and feeling uncomfortable in our skin.

The feeling of nervousness happens quickly and starts to run through our nerves. It starts to get stuck and locked in our bodies and the anxiety and fear increases the more you get nervous. It could make your mind spin out of control.

The feeling of anxiousness is associated with both exercise and anxiety. Exercise creates an uncomfortable feeling by pushing us to do more. In fact, the initial discomfort of exercising is what keeps you coming back and exercising. The more you do the more you want to do to try and avoid feeling uncomfortable. You begin to accept it as a normal part of life. The feelings of anxiety come with exercise.

For some people it’s a reaction to exercise. It makes them anxious and afraid, resulting in an increase in anxiety.

This is why when we know exercise helps to decrease anxiety levels in other people we need to get active to help reduce anxiety in ourselves.

The brain is really, really complex. You can’t blame it for making anxious people anxious. It’s actually a defensive response to your body being unable to deal with a situation or negative feelings.

After a good workout, you feel so much more comfortable with yourself and the person you are that you can face anything, including life. Your brain goes back to a place that is calmer and more peaceful. The benefits of exercise aren’t just about how it makes you feel physical, but how it makes you feel mentally and emotionally.